Justification of the week.

We all have vices. And we've all had to cut back (unless you're like really rich, in which case you can send me cash!) in recent times. Even those of us fortunate enough to keep our jobs are very conscious of the economic climate and are re-thinking the usual purchases, or putting things off until things pick up.

One of the things I think is really ridiculous to blow between $30 and $50 on is a pedicure. I mean, really - pay someone to scrub your feet and paint your toe nails? How pointless can you be. I can do it myself, albeit my toes will look worse than when I started.

And yet. I find myself willingly putting off buying gas and walking more just so I can justify a pedicure. Why? Because cracked feet and chipping, yellowing (ew you know who you are!) toe nails are an abomination. It's cruel to make anyone look at that shit. Pedicures are really a favor to everyone else's eyeballs! 

There you are: justification. 


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