My camera kind of sucks. It's a Nikon and I think about 4 mega pixels or so but I can't tell you much more than that because I haven't looked at it in at least a year. It was a Christmas present three or four years ago. I was so psyched out of my mind to have a digital camera. The thing itself seems decent so my conclusion is that I am terrible at using it.

Generally, I stumble around for about 10 minutes with a new piece of technology (be it my new laptop with Vista on it, or a new mobile) and then start to figure it out. But no matter how hard I try with my camera I can't take a decent fing picture. Not of myself. Not of my animals. Not of my man. Friends. Inanimate objects. Whatever it is, I cannot capture it in a picture.

So. Now that I am about to go on vacation in one month I think it's a good time to 1) figure out how the fuck to use my geedee camera or 2) if it's really the camera, and not its semi-technologically-retarded owner, I shall buy a new one.

And that is all. Oh and p.s: the thing that set this off is the fact I wanted to update my picture on this blog but alas, I have no good, recent pictures of myself because my camera is never used. Because I wanted a new one up A.S.A.P I settled on a piss poor picture of me taken with my shite mobile phone a few weeks ago. (I also kinda hate having my picture taken but that is another issue.)

I hereby commit to either learning how to use my camera better or finding one that isn't a huge POS. I texted this idea to Dave so it's now a group effort.

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